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At Styleworks of Union Square, looking great is about highlighting your personal best
Within seconds, people form their impression of you based on what they see, not what they hear. They make value judgments based on the visual cues you project. So, while you may possess wonderful qualities and outstanding credentials, people see how they’re packaged before they see what they are.  What this means is that to give yourself the maximum advantage, your appearance has got to be appealing. It doesn’t mean you have to look like a model or a mannequin in a posh department store. Image consultant Carol Davidson teaches others how to use their wardrobe to tackle their professional and personal life with confidence and enthusiasm.

About StyleWorks

At StyleWorks of Union Square Inc., we believe that looking great is about highlighting your personal best. No gimmicks, no flash, just bringing your best features forward to show the world who you really are—or aspire to be. Enhancing your individual style is not difficult. And, once you’ve got it right…it’s effortless. Read more ››

Meet Carol Davidson, AICI CIP

Photo of Carol Davidson, Owner of Styleworks of Union SquareWhen Carol Davidson rose up the corporate ladder to become a Corporate Sales Director, there was no room for her cuddly persona. Unable to do anything about her petite stature—she stands less than five-foot-two—and unwilling to alter her soft-spoken demeanor, she turned her marketing expertise on herself and went to work on the one thing she could change: the image she projected. Read more ››