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At StyleWorks of Union Square Inc., we believe that looking great is about highlighting your personal best. No gimmicks, no flash, just bringing your best features forward to show the world who you really are—or who you want to be. Enhancing your individual style is not difficult. And, once you’ve got it right…it’s effortless. At StyleWorks of Union Square Inc., we’ll help you develop a wardrobe that’s pulled together. Acquire accessories that express who you are. Transform your closet into a sanctuary of well organized items that you will wear.

With seamless ease, we’ll lead you to your own unique look. A style that works with your appearance, goals and lifestyle. An image you can live in—because it’s yours.

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Meet Carol Davidson, AICI, CIP


Carol Davidson, President and Founder

When Carol Davidson rose up the corporate ladder to become a Corporate Sales Director, there was no room for her cuddly persona. Unable to do anything about her petite stature—she stands less than five-foot-two—and unwilling to alter her soft-spoken demeanor, she turned her marketing expertise on herself and went to work on the one thing she could change: the image she projected.

Using wardrobe as a tool for communication, Carol learned to highlight her best qualities: her business acumen, quick mind and keen sense of people. She got results—and got noticed. After working to enhance her own image, she wanted to help others to do the same. And so a business was born.

StyleWorks of Union Square Inc. is the image consulting company Carol started in 1999. As one of only 25 Certified Image Professionals (AICI, CIP) in the New York area, Carol teaches others how to use their visual identity to influence the image they project. Her advice has helped thousands of men and women tackle their careers and personal lives with confidence and enthusiasm. Read more ››

Meet Our Team

Mariela Figueroa, Image Consultant & Personal Stylist

Mariela has a passion for all things clothing, trend, and fashion-related.  Ironically, Image consulting and personal styling were not part of her “original” New York City plan nine years ago, but her true calling and talent made the decision for her.

Making a positive and lasting impact in someone’s life by helping them to visually express who they are is what drives her.  As she puts it: she loves to “change lives, one outfit at a time.”  Read More››